Mafuta the online lubrication software

Lubrication management software

Mafuta is a online software package for managing all lubrication related activities in a plant.

A very large Lubrication and Predictive Maintenance Service company in the Netherlands, working with large companies from a wide industry base, (from Power Generation to Food Production companies) found that the existing lubrication management software on the market was either outdated, did not provide the flexiblity to conduct a Best Practice Lubrication management activity or was vender specific. With the input of over 50 Reliability and Lubrication engineers, the Mafuta program brief was developed. Nine months later the program was a reality.








Try a demo version of Mafuta here


Some advantages of Mafuta:

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Because the programme does not have to be installed on a local pc there is no need to bypass the strict rules of IT departements of most multinationals.

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The software is acessible for all users 24 hours per day and you only need a pc with an internet connection and browser.A maintenace manager can see data from different plants on demand at any givepoint in time.

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A backup is made every 3 hours, this backup is stored in a secure location, this is much safer than the traditional situation where data is only available on one PC.

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Updates and upgrades are automatically available to all users without installation.

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Mafuta is not vender dependant meaning cutomers can use a state of the art software and not have to buy a specific lubrication.

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